Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's 2010 Isn't it TIME....

Hi Friends,

Wow, can you believe here we are in 2010, if your anything like me I am really excited to continuing my journey towards getting "Straight and Strong". Alicia and I began this journey of opening a studio about 4 months ago not knowing what to expect, and I have found several things that really stand out.

First, I have been blown away by my wife, she has been so focused and committed to making this studio a dream come true... bringing the love of yoga to others and the strong sense of self that it has given her, to others as well. Of course you can get that sense of self from many things, one of the benefits of yoga is, along with gaining your "self", you also become "straight and strong", as I like to call the feeling after an intense practice.
Secondly, are the great people we have met, some who are already great yogi's and show us a lot, and those who are new raving fans of the practice now, and love to come and practice with us. Watching us all get straight and strong together is a blast!
Third, is seeing the benefits that yoga is bringing to my own body, at 6ft 3in 260lbs, even though I've always been athletic, the flexibility, balance and strength yoga is bringing to me, is truly changing the way my body feels and moves.

I look forward to continuing my journey and am full of expectation to us growing together in 2010.


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