Monday, October 5, 2009

Yin Yang Yoga Center

At Yin Yang Yoga, we practice vinyasa flow yoga. Many people are drawn to vinyasa yoga because it offers a challenging physical workout for the whole body. With practice, athletes, advancing yoga students, and complete beginners alike can benefit from our flow style yoga.
Vinyasa or flow yoga is a carefully arranged sequence of poses that flow with the breath. Each pose seamlessly and beautifully flowing into the next, becoming a smooth flowing class that becomes like a dance.
Our classes are practiced in a gently heated room (unless otherwise indicated) of around 77-82 degrees. Bring a towel and be prepared to break a sweat.

Why the HEAT?

Why the heat?
When the body is cold, you contract, and it becomes difficult to move. As muscles and joints warm, they loosen, making them more flexible, allowing you to move deeper into a pose.
“warmth” is also a state of mind, suggestive of the intensity of our efforts during practice, and the resulting invigoration we experience.
Join us to work, push your limits, sweat, relax and enjoy!