Wednesday, January 13, 2010

90 Day Yoga, Fitness Challenge

Well here I go, I have started as of the 12th of Jan, on a new challenge which will be really interesting and a completely new experience for me. I am now 51, in pretty good shape, but really need to lose some weight, probably 25llb's to be in the kind of shape I would really like to be in. Like a lot of people I work out, have a fairly clean diet, but with nothing providing pressure to change some lazy habits, I either skip a workout or two a week, eat the extra bowl of low fat ice cream, thinking, it's OK it's low fat and basically make excuses why I don't just lose the extra 25llb's. Now you may think the reason is vanity based which it not. I'm taking on this challenge for health reasons, and to spread the word about yoga as a hard core training practice that will increase strength, flexibility and help lose weight. As I have written, I am 6'3" 260 lbs or so and take the standard Lipitor and I know that taking 25lbs off would dramitically imrpove my overall health and fitness. It's going to be interesting when I actually get on the scale see the real number and get the body fat %.

A little background, my wife Alicia opened a yoga studio 4 months ago (Yin Yang Yoga Center and of course is super buff, maybe vanity plays a small part) and I began practicing 2-3 times a week with her, and have been for the entire 4 months she's been open. It has noticeably improved my core strength and flexibility. I have no back pain anymore and feel great. But now I look at it and say to myself, let's turn it up get serious and see what I can still do, if not now when? This video taking, is my semi twisted way of keeping ME accountable.

So here's the deal, I'm going to have an expert, weigh me, measure my body fat, and take measurements with my shirt off this weekend, I will update weekly, my progress via video, share my workout schedule etc. I will be practicing yoga 3-4 days a week and incorporate a 25lb. kettlebell workout 2 times a week for 90days. There will be guest spots, video's of some workouts, and yoga classes at the studio,and we'll see if I don't drag some others along for the ride.

Tune in and look for the upcoming video chronicling the beginning of this 90 day journey.


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